Duplaga X D.I.Y

I had a pair of Seven7 jeans from like freshmen year in College so I decided to cut em and make em fancy ! The left pocket : I cut across to create fringes and sprayed it with some bleach. The right pocket: i took off the pocket and stuck some studs in its place ! :) When I wear the shorts I cuff the ends, it looks less messy 

Like a good neighbor State Farm is there with...

Mercer Wedge Boot - Tan
Mercer Wedges 
Haiku Platform Sandal
Haiku Platform Sandals
Sliced Platform Wedge - Nude
Messeca Sliced Platform wedges
Abstract Platform Sandal
United Nude Abstract Sandals
Wrecker Platform Boot - Brown
Jeffrey Campbell Wrecker Platforms

Watch out for the fit GIRLS

Brittny R. 

Bianca V. (B.Leh) 
Franli B. 
Frankee L. 

This the season to join the watch out for the fit girls crew. 
p.s send pics if you need to be in this post