Most interesting male costumes so far. 
Aladdin and his carpet is Versace. 
Idk If he's Rick Ross or Kimbo Slice 
Ted Williams (Bum with the amazing voice) 

Send yours to leduplaga@gmail.com 

Seeing Stars

So its been raining cats, dogs, horses and hippos in South Florida for the past couple of days. Swimming pool like puddles fills the streets. So I was forced to do this OOTD in mi casa. 
ShirtBCBGen Pants: F21 Sneakers: converse

We like to Pahhty

I love this woman and anything she is part of and #dassit .

Dear J.Cole,
You were nowhere near Abuh Dabi
Love, Plaga

p.s where's my baby daddy Ye?


Nick Wooster Fashion Look Book
                                                                           This man is so freaking STYLISH..its not to be messed with. Just hope my husband is this fly at this age. Who said things don't get better with time?Like for real, I am lost for words.


Spent the day in Downtown Miami today because I had the day off. My day consisted of cuban coffee and toast, Clam Chowder, ruffles chips, Miami River and enjoying the 70 degree weather that later got to 80 -_-. I was so excited when I woke up this morning and saw it was 68 degrees so I cooked up a fall outfit to later be a lil' disappointed because it got warm. Enjoy the pics :) 
No my feet wasn't in the water
Sweater & Tank : Bloomies Chinos: Levis Sandals: Carlos Santana Necklace: F21 

So Chaud

Hi Tumblr
obsessed with my new lipstick (so chaud translation so hot). its so purrrfect, don't you agree?

In and out of consciousness ....

WHOAH I'm alright *Raven Symone voice* Besides playing Rihanna's love interest Mr. Dudley O'Shaughnessy rips runways and take breath taking pics (like above). O'Shaughnessy is a model signned with Next Model Management since the age of 19 (he's 21 now). He's also been a boxer since the age of 9, he wanted to follow his dad's footsteps. Oh good lawd protect this gawgeous face. I can't even deal right now. Ya'll can google him for more. *stares at picture*

I'm CLEARLY jealous of this here -___-


How cute is this woman? 


                     That is some cotdamn good maternity clothes....and shes calling the shots "CUT"


Just click on the start video now :) Enjoy because I had  a good laugh 
FYI: A couple ads might pop up in different windows though, so you might here a lot of voices at once. just X out and we good cash :) 


Ham gave me a lil' preview on what he told us via Twitter was going to be live and I just had to share. 
*thinks to self* Ham's been doing all these workouts and marathons...hope there a shirtless shot or shots somewhere in that spread for the parched, thirsty and dehydrated. 
p.s your right arm looks like a creature from Men in Black...bad edits maybe who knows. 

Le What loves Ham 
Want more Ham...::click here::

Get in me

James Marsden 

SEE YOU LATER - the brand

This video is by far my favorite. I wish that was all I had to say about it [evil laugh]. The dancers....the dancers....They looked extremely bored, no energy, which Primo asked for in the beginning of the video and their shiny weave. I just couldn't deal with their outfits either, especially from the waist down. Pretty girls though!
p.s - s/o to Oliver's twin (far left), in the corner being all messy. Check out 0:51

If Louboutin's Pigalle and Valentino pumps had a baby

Valentino Patent Stylish Bow Pump

Sam Edelman "Padma" Pumps
Sam Edelman Padma Pumps 

Lil Wayne: PSA

I absolutely agree with what he is saying because so may people do things that they themselves don't know why they're doing it.  Sadly, most of it has to do with pop culture and the media. Originality is lacking in this day and age. 


Love on top teaser and an obvious hommage paid to New Edition ! Loving it. Cant wait for the rest ! 


 Im so excited....I love this song so much. Can't wait for the whole video. *screams with excitement*

This is so classic Beyonce, kinda remind me of Aubrey Hepburn. Love her *sheds tear*

I know it's been a while......

but some people have just been getting away with murder lately and I wasn't bloggin about it. This shit right here and some straight up BULL'S SHIT ! She really thought that look had potential? I straight up thought her teeth were rotten until I clicked on the thumbnail. I can't deal....I just can't


The SS '12 by most designers have been so impressive and flawless. Needless to say, I love love this collection and the perfect shade of orange that was used :D 


Versace for H&M Ads + Anna Dello Russo @ Paris Fashion Week


Kanye West Womenswear Line
Kanye West Womenswear Line
Kanye West Womenswear Line
Kanye West Womenswear Line
Kanye West Womenswear Line
You guys already know how I think Kanye is above all [men that is] . Regardless of everyone's opinion, I think this collection is well-balanced, organized, damn its PERFECT