Today, I felt like like that lady from the Black Friday Target commercials. I went to Sawgrass Mills  with my cousin for xmas presents for the fam.We stopped by the Coach Outlet b/c we saw the 50% off signs and bolted in, turns out you get and extra 30% and 10% . I'm not a big fan of coach but these two little things I couldn't live without lol ! 1. I desperately needed a coin pouch because I have change EVERYWHERE in my purse. 2. What more stylish way can you carry your medication with you? lol It even comes with the little bottles. I was SOLD. ^_^
These are an addition to my family (don't start judging me) lol. Here I am trying on a pair of Sam Edelman boots and I reach to the matching pair and I looked up and DIED! I've always seen and yearn for these shoes but the price was never that convincing so today I got extra off the sale price. So a pair of L.A.M.Bs that were $365 or now mine for $70 (evil laugh) ......I still want a pair of Theysken Theory wedges ! 

With a hint of lemon please

It was a rainy, cloudy and sad Florida day today so I wanted to be simple and comfy b/c I was headed to the mall ! Enjoy 
OOTD - Hat: BCBG V-Neck: F21 Jeggins: Marc Jacobs Flats: Roxy Bag: Marshalls 

EXPOSED: bootlegger

Let me just get this this out the way first. Whether or not homeboy knows bootlegging is types illegal...he's doing it on Facebook.( get ready because it's raining cold hard facts in this bih) 
Mr. Bootlegger  is bold too, 1. he's friends with CodeRed , 2. he leaves his bootlegging ass comments on CodeRed's wall. His boldness almost makes me wanna respect him. lol 

He obviously puts time into his craft as well. Takes time to copy and paste his name into the original thing.*click to enlarge* 
CodeRed's (left) Lion's (right)

and on top of it all he's offering CDs for free *throws keyboard* LMFAO 

so please visit his facebook and if you're friends with him, tell his bootlegging ass to just buy a cotdamn camera. 

Sister Act: I

OOTD: Shirt & Jeans : F21 Shoes: Steve Madden Bracelet: BCBGen
So today was a marvelous day. I received my new replacement phone, I had the day off and went food shopping (yummm my fave) So I filmed my OOTD at various places. I also stopped at Big Lots to try and see if they have vanities.