Today, I felt like like that lady from the Black Friday Target commercials. I went to Sawgrass Mills  with my cousin for xmas presents for the fam.We stopped by the Coach Outlet b/c we saw the 50% off signs and bolted in, turns out you get and extra 30% and 10% . I'm not a big fan of coach but these two little things I couldn't live without lol ! 1. I desperately needed a coin pouch because I have change EVERYWHERE in my purse. 2. What more stylish way can you carry your medication with you? lol It even comes with the little bottles. I was SOLD. ^_^
These are an addition to my family (don't start judging me) lol. Here I am trying on a pair of Sam Edelman boots and I reach to the matching pair and I looked up and DIED! I've always seen and yearn for these shoes but the price was never that convincing so today I got extra off the sale price. So a pair of L.A.M.Bs that were $365 or now mine for $70 (evil laugh) ......I still want a pair of Theysken Theory wedges ! 

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