There were many unexplainable outfits at #Tunez (hosted by Trendstream) this past Friday but these four needed an explanation/some light and I think I can help 
This outfit, I don't understand at all. I'm getting a ninja turtle / I should be in a Billy Blake video doing Tae Bo. If the headband was on her head I think I would be able to accept her outfit. 
This is just out of the question. She missed the mark big time. Nice body tho 
I know there were rumors about the world ending last week but shorty didn't have to go out like THIS ! 
I want to know what made her think this was okay.
She's a pretty girl non? I mean She couldn't just chill and threw on some jeans, a skirt or a reasonable choice of bottoms?
Not even going to start on the Sunglasses indoors but the shoes choice is killing me softly ---No Lauren tho 
Not only do I think those shoes are hideous but shorty your toes are on the floor !

She clearly has no real friend.......CLEARLY 

Why cant we look good as a unit - Kevin Hart 

more pics by Trick here

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