Batman: Dark Knight Rises

 This movie is everything. I wholeheartedly loved every seconds of it. Chris Nolan did such a great job producing and making everyone feel so close to the characters. That made it much more enjoyable. I myself loved Bane. I don't know about you but a while I thought he really exist. He did such a good job, it made me love him even though I am not suppose to. When they showed Bane in the next scene with that shearling coat, I remember leaning over to my friend saying "thats a nice f*ckin coat." But after the movie runaway with chris and I were literally in the car screaming "OMG OMG that was sooooo goood." Christelle then told me who played Bane, I rush to trusty ol' Google and fell in love even more.
pics: warner bros. last one to the left: just Jared

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